Monday, September 19, 2005

Crappy Town

I don't know whether its un-ethical to give a negative review on the town that you've visited, and I don't care. I stayed in a "OK" standard hotel on my first Night in Penang. Sadly the location is not so good(close to the airport, but a bit far from town). The hotel's facilities like the Swimming pool, fitness centre, etc is closed during my visit.

So, I decided to move to a closer to city hotel. Trusting my Penangist friend judgement, He brought me to a Crappier Hotel! I think, the hotel is used for hourly basis kinda of stay, Because, when I check-in, the front desk lady ask, how many hours I like to stay. For a RM77 a night, I don't think its worth your money. My sense of adventure is gone by the minute I step in that filty room. I tried to be in positive mood, but can't help asking my self, whether its worth for another night in here.

After I decently enough clean myself without vomating on the smells of the carpet in the room, I decided to be adventures and visit some famous places of the Penang Town. I though I was close to the city centre, so I decide to take a walk. GOSH! I was soo damn wrong... its freaking far from the city centre! seem that my Penangist friend is unreliable guide.

As you can see, the so called, Gurney Drive/Walk is not as what I imagine. Gurney walk is like the Bintang Walk and it is streach out longer, I was told. Suprise, suprise... there's nothing good or significant attraction at this place at all!!!..It was long alright.. Man... I walks for miles to see this?.. oh please.. such a waste of time!! Riverside in Kuching is lots better than this.

I went inside a shopping mall called Gurney Plaza for a while just to see how its looks like inside the shopping mall... Its like the Suria KLCC version kind of mall. I decided to take a cab to the city centre. They don't use meter althought you can see it infront of you its working. He told me, that they charge standard RM12 per trip to the city centre. The City Centre, also known as KOMTAR (Kompleks Tun Abdul Razak).

I was approach by a petit chinese lady in a "ciong sam" dress, and ask me in something in chinese (not mandarin). which I do not understand. I say, I'm not chinese. But the lady keep asking me in chinese.. I said to her again.. I don't speak Chinese. Thats when she speak english to me. There was a couple of tourist nearby heard our conversation, and they kinda smerk and smile with our silly conversation.

I went around the town, looking for food. You know, trying out the local food.. It was ok.. I like the way they prepare their Freid "kueh teow". While I was going around the city, I was stopped by a guy, asking me for the time. And I saw him wearing a wrist watch... he's kinda friendly.. too freindly I must say. So, I just tell him, the time, and he thank me.. with a wink. Hem... am confuse here... either, he just being freindly or... something? being visitor to this town, I don't dare to do anything stupid.

Knowing that my crappy hotel is a bit far from the city, I decide to try the bus to go back there... I experience something like being local.. thats when I decide, to return to KL the next day.

Some View of the Crappy filty hotel's room

The View on "The Famous" Gurney Drive-oh crap!

One thing I learn from my trip is ... its not that fun to travel alone... next time, I'll go with someone to company me... (by the way, the date on the picture is not right, I didn't set the date kewl).

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