Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Chris Smith

This next entry is dedicated to my net buddy- Chris Smith. Hey Chris, here's my entry for you as promised (its not like he requested for one). I know I said I only got 2 pictures of you, guess what, I found more in your Yahoo Album.. thanks for making it public...by the way.. its good to have lods and lods of self picture when you're decent looking guy and pimple free face... lol. I remember I told Chris he looks rich in this picture.. right Chris? I have to add, you should put on a "bling-bling" necklace. You know the one with big $..

Hem... no comment on this hair cut.. looks sharp.. hehehe.. (soo teens!) you must have put lots and lots of hair gel to make it stand.

I must say, this headless photo is an army identification id tag around his neck photo shot... right Chris? .. or was it something else?

I like this army hair cut. looks sooo.. hem.. you know... soo army.. so fab! hehehe
hey.. is that a smug on your face?
lovely... so 70s.. you know in a good way... 70s a pretty people... don't ask me how I know it.. I born in Late 70s. I love this hair cut.

I known Chris through the internet, we've been communicating through the Yahoo Messenger. He was in the army, but never been drafted to Iraq (thank God for that) although he's looking forward for his call.

Ok. Ladies here a good news. he's single! Chris married once with a Sri Lankans beau, but its over now. if you have pretty legs, thats a plus.

Oh, by the way, he's in the State, not in Malaysia K. I never meet him myself, I never been out of this country. He is very cool guy. lets have hear from the ladies our there k..

By the way Chris, have you change your mind about the Tattoo? Robbie told me you haven't got it on yet.

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Anonymous said...

Heya, darls!!!!

Thanx for all the nite out the other day. Had so much fun la, huns! its really great meeting up with Ajip after so long!!!!! anyhow, we gotta lepaq again la, wit Fid and the gang, well ajip... mahal mahal kita!!!!!!!!!


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