Tuesday, July 19, 2005

William's Profile

(picture have been removed)

Name: William

Age: 5 yrs old on his next birthday.

Hobbies: Playing play station

Favourate show: Ultraman, Spoonge bob, Bob the builder, etc.

Best friend: Yakob and Daniel

Favourate toy: Collection Card

Favourate Food: Mash Potatos & Chips

I had nothing in mind what to write today.. so, I just write something about my nephew profile... he call me Uncle boy... and always say something like..."good night chiken" to me when he goes to bed.. dont know why.. but I use to say... "good night donkey" .. hehehehe... fair enough to me...

Anyway, I luv him very much as well as I luv my littl. pumpkin.. thats what I called my niece, William's litle sister... I'll do her Profile next...

oh.. I continue later... my friend online want to chat with me.. cheers

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