Wednesday, July 27, 2005

A shy "rubber" buyer

I had a wonderful night yesterday... not just last night, this morning as well. I love to write it down here and telling it to the whole world but it wont be appropriate... anyway, I really happy today so I buy my office mate her lunch and I bought something for our tea time.

Now, you might wonder what that 100 bill has to do with anything, right?.. well I dont really know how to start to write, so I use the picture to give me some inspiration. you know what they say, about a picture tells you more than a hundred words..err.. something like that.Well, this time.. it doesnt' sooo blank right now.. well probably because am soo sleepy, hope the other hotel guests didnt hear my audible soundtract during the making of "the action" drama.

Something amuse me yesterday when I bought an "emergency rubber" at Watson. When I pay for the "stuff" that I I want to buy, the Cashier, who happens to be a lady with a tudung, say : "thank you sir, please come again" with a straight face... and a smile... must be their company policy. Well, thanks to that, I was really embarass to buy that "stuff" and they kinda make it easy on me... I dont have to think about that for awhile now, I got 12 sessions before I have to buy some more supplies.

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